What is macula?

Macula is the central most part of retina which is responsible for central vision.

What is age related macular degeneration?

As the name suggests, Age related macular degeneration, is a retinal disorder where there are age
related degenerative changes in the macular area, which leads to decrease in vision or central
grayish/black spot in central vision with normal peripheral vision.


Age related macular degeneration are of two types:

  1. Dry form: In this process of degeneration will lead to atrophic changes in RPE and
    photoreceptors area
  2. Wet form: In this process of degeneration, there will be growth of new vessels beneath the
    retina which leads to leakage and fluid collection


  1. Dry form is usually managed with antioxidant capsules
  2. Wet form is managed anti-VEGF injections and antioxidant capsules