What is retina?

Retina is the innermost sensitive layer of the eye. It is like film in the camera on which image is formed.
If film roll is not good, even if the camera lens is clear the image comes blurry. Similarly, if patient has
any retinal problem, the image formed on the surface of retina is not good leading to blurred or
decreased vision.

What is retinal detachment?

As the name suggest, retina is detached from its normal position. It can be due to break in the retina or
can be due to pull(traction) on the retina or can be due to collection of fluid behind because of some
inflammatory condition.


How can you treat the condition?

Treatment of retinal detachment depends on the cause of the detachment. Retinal detachment due to
break in the retina is commonly seen for which one needs surgery in majority of cases. Surgery can be of
two type:

  1. Scleral buckling, where retina is given support from the outside by placing a buckle and a band
  2. Vitrectomy, where retina is approached from inside and given support by replacing vitreous
    with gas or silicon oil depending upon the complexity of the case.

Choice of the type of surgery depends upon various factors like location of the break, complexity of
detachment, patient’s ability to maintain postoperative position etc.

Our centre is well equipped for management of various types of retinal
detachment including complex one by expert surgeon.